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The Equestrian Reserve Scholarships, Accomplishments & Testimonials

Congratulations to Kaitlyn Schindler and Caroline Riechel, two of our graduating seniors. We have watched them grow into accomplished young women and riders. Check out their college essays/senior reflection sheets featuring what horses and our program meant to them. We are so honored to have them as part of The Equestrian Reserve family.

Caroline Riechel

View Caroline's College Essay (PDF)

Kaitlyn Schindler

View Kaitlyn's Senior Brag Sheet (PDF)


Congratulations to our 2023 Show Team Year End Award Winners!

Pictured from left to right:

Front row: Cora Holland, Kaitlyn Kruger, Makenzie Cox, Dasha Mead, Amie Ward, Chanel Grobler, Brynn Roland, Alexis Lipp, Anandita Mitra, Nicole Vladimirovskiy, Ella Stone, Alaina Lather, Ariella Carey, Lily Reutter
Back row: Hailey Paige, Reese Veltman, Braylin Schweitzer, Ally Davis, Elizabeth Bolt, Lila Hjerpe, Melina Melo, Kayley Appenfelder, Amelia Gilbert, Olivia Van Horn, Christine Spangle, Coach Tempest Young, Coach Alex Parrish, Coach Hannah Johnson
Not pictured: Annabelle Alexander, Charlotte DeBoard, Lily Dobanton, Hayden Holcombe, Jordan Kula, Zoe Leiner, Kathryn Wynkoop


Pictured from left to right:

Front row: Brynn Roland, Makenzie Cox, Alexis Lipp, Lily Dobanton, Anandita Mitra, Alaina Lather
Middle row: Chanel Grobler, Dasha Mead, Amie Ward, Lily Reutter, Melina Melo, Lila Hjerpe
Back row: Kayley Appenfelder, Elizabeth Bolt, Hailey Paige, Olivia Van Horn, Amelia Gilbert, Braylin Schweitzer, Ally Davis, Reese Veltman, Kathryn Wynkoop
Not pictured: Annabelle Alexander, Ariella Carey, Charlotte DeBoard, Hayden Holcombe, Cora Holland, Kaitlyn Kruger, Jordan Kula, Zoe Leiner, Christine Spangle, Ella Stone, Nicole Vladimirovskiy



Congratulations to our 2022 Show Team Year End Award Winners!

Pictured from left to right:

First Row: Kaitlyn Kruger, Katelyn Curtis, Cora Holland, Emily Gladstone, Brynn Roland, Lily Reutter, Alexis Lipp 

 Second Row: Adriana Castro, Gurnaz Bajwa, Annabelle Alexander, Dasha Mead, Olivia Van Horn, Ally Davis, Braylin Schweitzer, Kayley Appenfelder, Melina Melo, Amie Ward, Willow Bail 

 Back Row: Coach Hannah Houston, Stefania Salazar, Hailey Paige, Lila Hjerpe, Serafina sauro, Amelia Gilbert, Mackenna Tate, Emma Wisenbaker 

 Not Pictured: Alika Averyanov, Julia Bray, Hannah Briones, Ava Joninas, Jamie Madere, Sienna Maller, Christine Spangle, Sophie Veltman, Sarah Williams 



Congratulations to our 2021 Show Team Year End Award Winners!

Pictured from left to right:

Front Row: Sidak Bajwa, Katelyn Curtis, Brynn Roland, Hayden Holcombe, Kaitlyn Kruger, Cora Holland, Alexis Lipp, Charlotte DeBoard, Amie Ward

Middle Row: Lily Reutter, Dasha Mead, Kayley Appenfelder, Melina Melo, Willow Bail, Coach Hannah Houston

Back Row: Gurnaz Bajwa, Reese Veltman, Serafina Sauro, Olivia VanHorn, Lila Hjerpe, Amelia Gilbert, Braylin Schweitzer, Ava Joninas, Jordan Kula, Hailey Paige, Coach Alex Parrish

Not Pictured: Annabelle Alexander, Ally Davis, Kayla Griffin, Caroline Parsons, Paige Riker, Rhea Upadhya, Nicole Vladimirovskiy, Emma Wisenbaker



Congratulations to our 2020 Show Team Year End Award Winners! We enjoyed celebrating at the Rolling Hills Saddle Club Banquet on February 27.

Pictured from left to right:

First Row: Hannah Briones, Katelyn Curtis, Amie Ward, Serafina Sauro, Mackenna Tate

Middle Row: Dasha Mead, Adriana Castro, Kayley Appenfelder

Back Row: Amelia Gilbert, Caroline Parsons, Sarah Williams, Stefania Salazar, Melina Melo, Sophie Veltman, Willow Bail & Coaches Samantha Pistacchio, Hannah Houston, Niki McDonnell

Not pictured: Ally Davis, Sarah Gilvin, Olivia Halphen, Ava Joninas, Savanna Kaufmann, Caroline Riechel, Braylin Schweitzer, Christine Spangle, Catie Thompson