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A horse is full of dreams. A horse can change a life. Learn to ride at The Equestrian Reserve.

About The Equestrian Reserve

I would love to share with you how The Equestrian Reserve came to be. But first, let me introduce myself. I am Donna Romeu, the founder and director of The Equestrian Reserve. As a little girl, I loved, lived, breathed and dreamt of horses every day. My fondest memories throughout my childhood and actually throughout my adult life have been experiences and times with horses.

My passion for teaching children and horses drew me to Colorado following graduation from Purdue University. During my 22 years in Colorado, I earned advanced degrees in education and achieved greater levels of responsibility within the Colorado school system serving as a Classroom Teacher, a Special Education Teacher, an Elementary School Principal, and a Director of Special Education for a network of several school districts.

My second passion was a way of life where horses and the outdoors, served as a backdrop while raising my daughter. So in my “off” hours, I pursued my passion for the equestrian sport and life with horses. I instructed, competed, and rode miles of trails through the Rocky Mountains with my young daughter and good friends, who of course were horse people. I had the unique opportunity of owning my own 65 acre hay producing ranch and horse property that required endless but tireless hours of hard work. As a mother and elementary school administrator, I quickly recognized the opportunity to use the equestrian discipline to teach life principles including leadership, honesty, integrity, hard work, etc.; principles which were instilled and reinforced with my daughter, Iana at an early age.

Iana was introduced to the sport at the age of 4. She received her first horse then. By the time she was 6, her life was filled with 4-H and Pony Club, of which I was a leader for both organizations. To earn this privilege of horses, riding, and competing, Iana, at a very young age contributed to the hard work of the ranch we owned. This was a requirement. By age 10 or 11, she knew how to administer any kind of first aid and health care to any of the horses, how to irrigate fields, stack hay, and ride any of the horses we had, including the most challenging. Real chores were a part of life. We both competed in Colorado Quarter Horse Association shows and earned multiple division championships.

Upon moving to Georgia, Iana went with the Georgia Quarter Horse Association and qualified nationally for The American Quarter Horse Youth Worlds. Iana, now a graduate of Georgia Tech, is a Civil Engineer and still passionate about horses. As a young adult, Iana’s overall success, both personally and professionally has resulted largely from her sense of focus, discipline, and development of life skills she learned from the equestrian experience. The foundation of The Equestrian Reserve philosophy is rooted in the enhancement of the student’s personal development through a rewarding equestrian experience.

My dream of owning and managing the only state of the art equestrian riding school of its kind became a reality in Alpharetta, Georgia on March 1st, 2000. Prior to opening, a great deal of time was spent developing the unique lesson plans and programs that make up The Equestrian Reserve’s students’ curriculum. My passion for education, children and horses, and the reinforcement of life principles, serve as the cornerstone of The Equestrian Reserve philosophy. We provide a wholesome environment where positive role modeling supports character development. All riders must practice mutual respect for each other and the horses at all times. This philosophy is shared by all members of The Equestrian Reserve staff.

Please accept our invitation to experience the benefits of the Equestrian Reserve. Do take a moment to read the heartwarming testimonials by many of our students who have developed into accomplished equestrians and wonderful human beings!